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     Exportunity was founded in 2012 by Vital Souvouvou with the aim of promoting trade and investment in Africa. 

         The business was originally an events management company organizing trade promotion events in West Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, South Africa, and many others; thus, building a solid reputation and network in the industry.

          In 2015, we launched Exportunity.net with the aim of helping small businesses in Africa to sell their  products to a wider consumer base and be paid securely. This e-commerce marketplace served clients with a network of over 700 trade-points in West Africa until its closure in 2019, 

          In 2017 we launched a brand of prepaid VISA cards in Benin, the “XportCARD”, with the backing of the United Bank for Africa. The XportCARDs help small and medium size businesses seeking an international payments solution to send and receive payments globally. As of January 2022, XportCARDs have processed over 80 million USD of cumulated transaction volume with over 6300 active users.


          The rayOn platform: Prior to the closure of Exportunity.net in 2019, we made the strategic decision to replace a struggling business model with a new platform better aligned with customer needs. We then refocused our resources into building the rayOn platform, incorporating our client’s recommendations and market learnings.



Ọnwa Abụọ 21, 2021

Vital Sounouvou, Onye guzobere na onye isi ala  Exportunity , na -akọ akụkọ nyeere ya aka ịghọta echiche ya nke ijere obodo dị na Benin ozi.

Exportunity Air Ledger, nke dị na Cotonou, Benin, bụ usoro azụmaahịa mbụ emere maka azụmahịa azụmaahịa tụkwasịrị obi na mpaghara Afrịka. Sounouvou na -ekere òkè na mmemme mgbanwe mkpụrụ.

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